General Travel Information

At Romex Restate we are happy to make sure that you are well prepared and informed about the general travel information for Austria and France. Do you have questions about the conditions, insurance, current travel information or other information? Please contact us. We are happy to help you.

  • Reservation

    Booking an apartment in Austria at Romex Restate is possible in 3 ways:

    1. Through the website
    2. Through e-mail:
    3. By telephone: +31 (0) 79 362 58 22

    The moment you have submitted all details and thus booked the trip, we will consider this a definitive booking.

    In case of changes and cancellations the general and special ANVR travel conditions are applicable.

    Due to authorities, Romex Restate reserves the right to cancel bookings of large groups at all times.

  • Payment

    Paying for your holiday is done in several steps. After completing the reservation you make a deposit of 30% of the total travel sum. You must transfer the deposit to our Austrian bank account (see details below) within 14 days of the invoice date. On the invoice you find the amount of the down payment for your booking.

    The remaining amount must have been paid six weeks prior to departure the latest. If you book within six weeks prior to departure, you must pay the entire amount at once.

  • Tourist tax

    For most accommodation you will have to pay a small additional amount of tourist tax upon arrival. The amount is included in the description of the accommodation and is based on the latest information that we receive in April every year. It may change slightly in the meantime.

  • Bank details

    • Account holder: W.E.-Hotelgesellschaft mbH
    • Bank: Sparkasse Schwaz AG (Geschäftsstelle Gerlos)
    • BLZ: 20510
    • Account number: 01200-002283
    • IBAN: AT302051001200002283
    • BIC: SPSCAT22XXX (your bank may fill in ‘XXX’ automatically, in that case you need not mention this in the BIC Code)
  • Liability

    The main booker is at all times liable for everything related to the booking (such as timely payment, etc.), the stay in the home and any damage caused and the behavior of his fellow travelers. We apply a ZERO-Tolerance policy in all our accommodations with regard to inappropriate behavior towards staff and other guests (such as violence, physical and/or verbal, discrimination and non-compliance with the house rules).

  • Deposit

    For each apartment that you rent via Romex Restate we require a deposit. The amount of this deposit is found in the description of the accommodation. The deposit will be refunded  to your account a couple of days after your departure if the apartment has been found to be in order (in case of a deposit by credit card, this will lapse automatically within 30 days after departure from the complex)*. The amount of the deposit and payment method are mentioned among the details of the accommodation concerned.

    *If you do not check out/are not able to check out, the exploitation service will have to transfer the remaining amount to your bank account. For this, the following details are required:

    • Name of the account holder
    • International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
    • BIC/SWIFT code
  • Cancellation

    For trips with your own transport to residences such as bungalows, apartments, mobile homes and camping pitches the following cancellation costs are due in addition to booking costs:

    • In case of cancellation up to the 21st day before arrival: 25% of the travel sum.
    • In case of cancellation from the 21st to the 14th day before arrival: 50% of the travel sum.
    • In case of cancellation from the 14th to the 7th day before arrival: 75% of the travel sum.
    • In case of cancellation from the 7th to the last day before arrival: 90% of the travel sum.
    • In case of cancellation on the day of departure or later: the full travel sum.
  • Additional cancellation terms

    If we are forced to close the accommodation, impose by third parties, e.g. the government, due to a national or European epidemic and/or pandemic (as was the case with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, popularly known as the Corona virus or COVID-19, in 2019/2020), natural disasters or wars, we as an organization cannot appeal to the general cancellation terms as mentioned above.

    If the government issues advice against travelling within 14 days before arrival or if this advice still applies to your holiday destination, the terms below will apply to your booking as well.

    In that case we will communicate to you personally that the trip cannot take place. The payment received by us up to that point will be converted to a travel voucher (the amount of the voucher can be the full travel sum maximum). If you do not wish to receive a voucher, we will refund the money we received to you by bank transfer.

    If you do wish to receive a voucher, it can be used one time to book a future trip to any accommodation offered by Romex Restate and will have a validity of two years after receipt date.

    If you make a booking for the winter season in one of our holiday homes, we are not obliged to inform you in advance about when the local ski lifts will start operating. Should the local ski lifts decide to start the winter season later, we cannot be held liable for this. Nor is this a legitimate reason to cancel your holiday accommodation free of charge.

    Example: If you make a booking for arrival December 12, 2023 and it is announced just before your arrival that the ski lifts will not open until December 17, 2023, we are also dealing with force majeure and we cannot cancel the reservation free of charge, since the booked accommodation is available.

  • Travel and cancellation insurance

    Please note that with Romex you cannot take out travel & cancellation insurance / do not take it out automatically when booking a trip. You should do this to third parties.

    Make sure that, for example, an “outbreak of an infectious disease” is also insured in the event of cancellation. Many insurers today exclude epidemics and pandemics. For example, COVID-19 is no longer seen as a special event.

  • Seasonal influences

    In the low or summer season, it may occur that preparations are being made to start or round off the coming (winter) season. Guest must take account of possible limited opening hours of lifts, slopes, shops and entertainment options, limited supply of other facilities and the possibility of construction activities by third parties around the destination. Roex Restate does not accept any liability for such conditions caused by third parties.

    If unforeseen construction or repair work has to be done to the accommodation you booked, we will inform you of this in time and look for a good alternative with you.

  • COVID-19

    If we are forced to close the accommodation imposed by third parties, such as the government, in connection with a national or European epidemic and / or pandemic (as was the case with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, popularly known as Coronavirus or COVID-19, in 2019/2020) or due to natural disasters, we as an organization cannot appeal on the general cancellation conditions, as stated above.

    Should your government issue a negative travel advice/still be in effect for your holiday destination within 14 days prior to arrival, the conditions below will also apply to your reservation.

    We will then contact you personally that the trip cannot take place due to force majeure. The funds received by you at that time will be included in a travel voucher (the amount of the voucher can be at most the full travel sum). If the new trip is cheaper, the customer will receive the difference back. If the new trip is more expensive, the difference will be charged to the customer. In such a situation, restitution is not possible due to force majeure.

    The provided travel voucher can be used once for booking a future trip in one of the accommodations offered by Romex Restate and will be valid for one year from the date of receipt. We will refund the money to your IBAN if you do not prefer a travel voucher.

    Vaccination obligation at your destination?

    1. If the country of your destination makes a vaccination certificate mandatory during your stay, we cannot be held liable for this. If you are unable to show a mandatory vaccination or recovery or test certificate to travel to your destination – or to use certain facilities at destination – the regular cancellation conditions will apply to the cancellation.
    2. Should you not be able to receive a vaccination by order of a doctor? Check in advance whether or not your destination makes an exception to entry with a medical certificate. In most cases, for example, such a vaccination obligation lapses upon presentation of a medical certificate. If you are unable to travel with a medical certificate, we would like to receive a copy of the medical certificate (signed by your doctor), so that we can make an exception to the above rule.

    Do you choose not to travel to your destination, but is there no negative travel advice or are you allowed to travel from the local authorities of the destination? Then you must pay the regular cancellation costs.

    We hereby emphasize that you are obliged at all times to have the correct documents with you, such as a passport and/or ID card (PLEASE NOTE; a driving license may not be a valid proof of identity outside your country) and any required visas, proof of vaccinations, vaccinations or test proofs.

  • Glennie's Restaurant

    If you make a booking for a high season week and there is a Glennie’s restaurant in the accommodation/village where you have booked, we are not responsible for making a reservation for your travel group. Since Glennie’s is a separate company, we as Romex Restate have no influence on the layout of the restaurant and / or no possibility to make reservations for you. You must do this yourself in good time via the website Please note, for example, that during the Christmas period the restaurants can be fully booked months in advance.


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