About us

Dear guest,

On behalf of the entire Romex team we welcome you to Romex Restate, the rental organization per excellence of Romex Investments.

Romex develops, sells and rents very luxurious and comfortable holiday homes in the well-known Alpine countries.

Romex stands for founder and owner Paul de Römph (ROM) and Exclusive (EX) Investments. The company has existed for 15 years and has grown into a close-knit family business.

From the outset (2006) we have tried to distinguish ourselves and develop a special product/service. With this vision we have developed a number of special concepts.

For instance, we have developed a rental concept that is such that tenants can enjoy a lovely luxurious and comfortable holiday without care. This includes several services that we offer from Romex Restate; think of personal contact with each tenant and pampering our guest in the location itself.

Both for winter sports and summer holidays you’ve come to the right address at Romex Restate. All our complexes are located in wonderful locations in Austria. Our accommodations are located in Gerlos, Kaprun, Niederau and Westendorf.

Do you want to enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday or do you refer adventure and experiencing the best activities? It is all possible and much more during a holiday at Romex Restate!

We hope to welcome you soon in one of our beautiful, various accommodations. Enjoy a lovely holiday in a luxurious and comfortable holiday home!


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